Life seems to be an endless struggle of achieving goals. No – that makes it seems too simple. Like there’s a set number of goals; you score and then move to the next set of goals. It’s not like that. Every goal has mini goals. There are goals that you didn’t know were there. Goals that you didn’t know mattered, or that only look like goals in hindsight. At some point the word goals doesn’t even make sense. There is just stuff. And then there is the stuff that you want or need to do. The problem really is that stuff sometimes – often, ok, most of the time – doesn’t get done. My focus shifts or changes, and then I look back and it’s not done. Two weeks have passed and I haven’t journaled. A week has passed and I haven’t read to Cara once at night. A month has passed and I still haven’t mowed the yard. Four days have passed and I haven’t exercised. Over a month has passed and I haven’t wrangled my thoughts into a blog post. A week has passed and I didn’t get the data entered into the risk database I promised I would…

I know I’m not a slack person. I’ve completed personality trait tests that even show I’m “goal driven”. If there is a secret in there somewhere – and I’m not saying there is, and I’m definitely not saying I’ve found it – it’s got to be hiding somewhere with resilience, patience, humour and kindness.

So I’ve dropped a few of the balls I’m juggling, memo to self: “Don’t beat your self up, try to laugh. Pick the balls up. Check they’re the balls you want to be playing with. Start juggling again.”

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  1. Peter

    Further thoughts on “goals” are that having to play goalkeeper, mid-fielder & striker on the one team is exhausting and demanding

  2. Trent, the constancy of single parenthood means the goals are always moving, changing, evolving…I’ve found that it gets much harder without time to self nurture, as difficult as that may be to fit into the timetable…plus it always seems to be the first thing to go. I know I am a calmer parent, more focused worker, happier person if I look after me first. You are doing an amazing job in difficult and unwelcome circumstances – that goal is def worth celebrating.

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